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Easy to Wear

Perform your favorite activities with ease.

Replaceable filters

Custom-fit filters for small, medium, and large size nakedMASK®.

Easy to clean

nakedMASK® shell, gasket, and strap can be hand-washed and reused.

Easy to communicate

Engage in better workplace and personal conversations.

360 view of mask 360 view of mask

Premium design.
Sealed for comfort.

The nakedMASK® is our premium see-through mask - our transparent mask technology keeps facial features visible. Combined with our breathable filters and sealed-for-comfort fit, this clear mask lets the wearer breathe easy and be seen.

Feel great while you do your part to reduce the spread of all types of airborne diseases.

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nakedMASK® comes with everything you need

Each nakedMASK® comes with our hypoallergenic reusable shell and rubber gasket that are safe and easy to clean.

Simply insert our custom 3-layer disposable filters and you're ready to breathe easy and be seen.

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Naked mask pieces composite