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It is designed to be worn by most adults. The mask comes in small, medium, and large sizes see sizing chart The mask should be sized to your face. Please see our suggested sizing chart for detailed information.

Cloth masks are made of simple materials such as cotton and in general usually have lower filtration effectiveness over medical masks and respirators (CDC EID Journal Volume 26, #10 October 2020) Cloth masks as a rule are also not see through so you cannot see someones lips move. The nakedMASK® is clear in the front so a wearers lips can be seen moving, has a flexible/adjustable soft strap and has as filter system made from a process called electrospinning.

The nakedMASK® falls under the Emergency Usage Authorization issued by the USA Federal Drug Administration

The nakedMASK® may not provide a correct seal for those with facial hair

Please review our cleaning instructions.

The nakedMASK® is Made in the USA.

The mask should be worn so that it is comfortable, has a seal all the way around your face and is easy to breathe through.

We suggest no more than 12 hours of wear; earlier if it becomes soiled or at all difficult to breathe through.

The nakedMASK® filter is not to be washed or reused.

The strap is partially made of latex; we suggest you not wear this mask if you have a latex allergy or consult with your physician before doing so.

The nakedMASK may not properly fit small children. Please refer to our sizing chart for more information.

The mask comes in small, medium, and large sizes. The mask should be sized to your face – please see our approximate sizing chart for detailed information.

Please note: The sizing chart is an estimate for different size faces. Not every face will fit one of the sizes noted in our sizing chart due to the complexity of the human face.

The mask cannot be returned as it is a medical device; this is for your protection as well as those handling the mask during transport and on our end.

This is not a cloth face covering but a medical device; others may notice a slight decrease in the volume of your voice as it transmits through the plastic and filter.

The nakedMASK® filters are produced using a process called electrospinning. The process requires a high voltage electric field with positively and negatively charged ends. The filter raw material is loaded at one end of the field and stretched to the oppositely charged end, creating a long, thin strand. This results in a network of filter material which is spun directly onto a base layer for backing and support.

These filter networks are designed to have high porosity and a large surface-area-to-volume ratio to improve filtration applications. Many standard filters on the market today use electrostatic forces to attract and capture particles, but they are often not as effective because they lose their static charge and are not able to trap larger particles.


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