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The nakedMASK® Story

What do you get when a standout group of medical innovators, top notch doctors, warrior veterans, winning athletes, and diehard entrepreneurs get together to create a product?

You take a quantum leap in innovation and create a transparent mask that lets you be seen, breathe easy, and stay protected.

The nakedMASK®, as well as numerous other cutting edge medical devices, is captained and championed by Dr Chris Salvino - an Air Force veteran, trauma and critical care surgeon, mechanical engineer, who holds 7 degrees and has a robust background in respiratory diseases and solutions.

Chris has assembled a visionary team who all have a shared goal: Merge the ability to be human with a solid and transparent barrier of protection.

Veteran-owned and Made in USA. It's time to breathe safe and be seen - welcome to the nakedMASK® lineup of everyday PPE.

Dr. Chris Salvino

Dr. Chris Salvino