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Care and cleaning

Removal, Disassembly & Cleaning

  1. Take off the mask by pulling the mask slightly outward and removing.
  2. Reverse the assembly instructions to disassemble the mask.
  3. Dispose of the filter in the trash or, if used in a healthcare setting, disposed of in accordance with facility policies and procedures.
  4. Wash reusable components (not the filter) with warm, soapy water for a minimum of 1 minute (do not sterilize).
  5. Rinse reusable components with clean water to remove all soap.
  6. Allow all components to air dry completely before assembling.


The nakedMASKā„¢ Reposable Face mask is intended to be worn by the public or healthcare personnel.

1. Wash hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds prior to handling the mask and its components.

2. Thread a strap keeper onto the strap, with the rounded edge of the strap keeper on the side of the strap with the logo. Pull the strap until the strap keeper is on the inside edge of the logo. Repeat on the other side.

3. With the logo facing the shell, thread the strap through the bottom slot of the strap holder on the shell. Loop the strap around and thread through the top slot on the shell until the outer edge of the logo is about an inch away from the mask.

4. Thread the strap ends back through the strap keepers. Pull taut.

5. Place a new filter into the mask. Align the filter with the rib in the center of the shell.


6. Check that the filter is fully seated and is not above the edge of the mask. The filter should fit flush in the recess.

7. Flip the strap over the mask.

8. Place the gasket into the clear mask until it is fully seated by ensuring that the gasket edge is pressed all the way against the clear shell.


9. Check that the filter is not damaged, and the gasket is fully seated. Do not use the filter if it is discolored, punctured, or wrinkled.